The remarks below make sense to us and something we have recommended for awhile. Make sure your downline is aware of the risks all stocks carry, especially during this time of great upheaval.

NavySGT gives this advice to his community: Move your 401k investments into your plan’s stable fund, which is essentially cash. It will crash the market.

leDonaldAlwaysWins asks: Please describe this more what is the stable fund?

NavySTG: Each brokerage calls it something different, but it’s essentially a cash fund. If you had your money in it during the 2008 crash, you wouldn’t have lost a dime. Nothing. I moved my 401k out of stocks and funds early on. The market sank, and I moved back into stocks.

Now, if a large segment does this, it’ll cause mass stock sell-offs. This will tank the market, totally destroying Biden. In addition, with your money sitting in essentially a cash position, the hedge fund people can’t use it. You kill their supply. The commies are left holding the bag.

leDonaldAlwaysWins: Oh I have no doubt we are heading for a crash since we have an abject moron as fake president killing jobs to create jobs. Thank you for this advice.

NavySTG: You’re welcome. Just call your brokerage and ask them which fund is their “stable fund” that is “like cash”. Do your own due diligence, and good luck. 

It was muskets in the 1700s today it’s stocks.

MolonLabe77 sees the bigger picture: SLV is a straight ETF and it’s pretty common knowledge that the price for the silver that they have is only a paper they don’t actually own physical silver or very little sprout silver PSLV actually backs their ETF with physical silver. And oddly enough they traded a much lower price I think this is because speculators can’t push it too far away from the physical possession that they have where is silver SLD there more than happy to run that sucker up and down knowing full well that if anybody ever calls them on giving them silver they don’t have any. That doesn’t mean you can’t make money on it and if investing in SLV brings down these hedge fund bastards then I’m game. This is how we band together. It was muskets in the 1700s today it’s stocks.

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