Hi! My husband and I file our taxes jointly. I have an accountant who handles all of this. I have an LLC business, and its filed as an scorp. I have a hard time grasping all of the legalities and information surrounding taxes/law/retirement info. I am guessing that since we file jointly, it is like saying that is how much we made together, 50/50 yah?

We both have separate roth iras through vanguard that we contribute the max yearly.

I recently opened a solo 401k and am having trouble wrapping my head around that one. For 2021 I put in $19500 as an employee, and I am waiting to hear from my tax guy on how much I can contribute as an employer. From my understanding it is 25% of my net income that is displayed on a w2 yes?

I am curious if my husband could also open a solo 401k and fund it the same way, or will income determine that since we file jointly? Would he be able to open one and put in $19500 in his as well? I cant find any good info on that online. Thank you!

My husband helps with the business and has no other income btw.

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