Jenny Slatten decided to leave her old life behind to be with her beau full-time. With a 401k to cash in, which she was advised would last up to nine months, many 90 Day Fiance fans wonder what her net worth now is.

Her drama-free relationship with Sumit Singh has been airing on the TLC series for a while. Before meeting him, she worked several jobs in the United States but decided that love is the ultimate priority for her, and quit.

Having entered retirement since she moved to India in 2018, Reality Titbit looked into how she makes a living in 2022 and explored what her estimated net worth is combined with her husband Sumit.

90 Day Fiance: Jenny’s net worth

Sumit’s net worth is estimated between $150,000 and $250,000, In Touch Weekly reports. This is combined with Jenny’s fortune as he has made it clear on 90 Day Fiance that he works in order to provide for himself and his wife.

However, Jenny has voiced that she prefers Sumit, who is now a cook, not to have a job so he can spend more time at home. In August 2022, a fan commented on Jenny’s official Facebook post featuring photos of her and Sumit.

“Can you tell us if either of you have jobs? Thank you,” the follower asked. “Yes we have [an] online business and Sumit is [a] cook,” Jenny replied from her verified account. They both also earn a paycheck from TLC.

How old is retired Jenny?

Jenny, from Palm Springs, California, is 63 years old at the time of writing. She is currently on Cameo, where she charges fans $75 for a personalized video message, and spends most of her time as a housewife.

Sumit, on the other hand, is 33 years old. During season 7 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Sumit shared his plans to return to the workforce six days a week so that the couple could “dream bigger”, but Jenny thought it was too often.

The couple often go on days out with Sumit’s family in India, such as shopping and eating in restaurants. They recently went on a trip and stayed in a hotel in Rohini, Delhi, so it’s clear they have enough money to treat themselves!

Our love for each other is beyond anything you can imagine

Posted by Jenny Slatten on Monday, October 17, 2022

She cashed in 401k for move to India

She planned to cash in her 401k from her job at the resort as well as wipe out the $6,000 she had in savings, and met with a financial advisor to find out if that would be enough to live off of for the rest of her life in India with Sumit.

The advisor revealed she would only be able to live off of her 401k and her savings for about six to nine months abroad. Jenny had plans to get a job in India once her and Sumit got married, but they now run an online business.

Jenny gets paid social security and retirement pay, which is part of her income. During a September episode, she said: “I have money too coming in. Now, I get my retirement and my social security. I’m not gonna depend only on you.”

If Sumit still doesn’t have a job, and Jenny doesn’t have a job, who paid for this honeymoon? TLC? Figures. #90DayFiance

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