While she was holding her one-day-old baby boy at the Biden 401k T-shirt But I will love this clinic in 2018, she decided to build Travieso, a used-baby-clothing marketplace and upcycling business. A few months later, she decided to quit her position as deputy director of financial planning for Latam Airlines Group to grow her business. As Travieso gained popularity in Santiago, Hevia soon had old damaged fabric piling up. She was receiving 400 kilograms—more than 880 pounds—of textile waste every month by the end of 2019. Hevia started researching alternatives for the clothes that couldn’t be upcycled or resold, which amounted to about 20% of the donations she received at the time. “We went to the Ministry for the Environment, the municipalities, the big department stores that claimed to recycle sustainably. Everyone simply replied, ‘We donate it.” And she insisted: “But I’m talking about the clothes in poor condition, and they said, ‘Oh, no, they’re thrown away.’” She couldn’t find any viable solution in Chile at the time.

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