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Today’s flashback Friday is from episode 821 published last April 24, 2017.

Big data is here, it’s there, it’s everywhere. Real estate investors should use it to their advantage. Tenants credit scores are easy to access and just a click away. In this episode, Jason unpacks recent headlines which paint a picture of the state of the economic mindset in the U.S. Articles about the future of the insurance industry, your 401k account and the current value of the housing market are all scrutinized and analyzed. He also offers up some recommended reading to those worried about the state of the environment.

Key Takeaways:

[02:28] Newser article The Key to Easy Life Insurance, a Selfie? describes the future of the insurance industry.

[11:45] Jason’s secret to aging well.

[14:19] Jason remarks on the Wall Street Journal article Grab Your Pitchforks America Your 401k May Need Defending From Congress.

[20:11] Recommended books on energy and environmentalism.

[20:56] RealtyTrac article Are We Headed Towards Another Bursting Housing Bubble in 2017?

[29:40] Headlines on the RealtyTrac site are telling about the state of the union.  

Mentioned in This Episode:

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