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If you are counting on your 401k plan for retirement – beware! The current financial crisis and stock market collapse are troubling enough, but what many retirement savers don’t know is that their 401k plans may not be up to the task.

401k’s have become the predominant retirement funding tool in the U.S. Twenty-five years ago. traditional defined benefit pensions were the primary type of retirement plan covering more than 60% of the workforce that had pension plan coverage. Today, defined contribution plans (mostly 401k) are the primary retirement plan for 63% of the covered workforce. Only about 17% of the covered workforce remains in traditional pension programs.

For the worker, this has meant a seismic shift in responsibility: where once the employer was responsible for seeing that workers contributed to the pension and that pension investments performed well enough to provide promised benefits, in the DC world, 401k planning responsibilities fall on squarely the worker. The best 401k plan sponsors provide generous matches, strong retirement/investment education support and other plan features to help out. Workers who take full advantage of these plans stand a good chance of accumulating adequate retirement savings.

But for many others, their 401k is a minimal retirement plan that offers only a weak chance of providing a decent stream of income to workers when they retire.

How do you know how your 401k plan compares?

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